Who are we

We are clog experience centre Gelrica, located in the beautiful countryside of the Achterhoek Beltrum. In this village between Groenlo and Borculo is also the largest clog factory in the world.

At the end of October 2015 we were shown in the Gelderse koppen program with Harm Edens. Here you can view the broadcast again.

What we do

As a clog experience center, we would like to introduce people to the clog or to renew the acquaintance. For many older people it will be a recognition from the youth, for children a special experience in a time where everything revolves around social media and games. Everyone can get acquainted with a product that has been around for about 800 years, but in all likelihood is even older. The acquaintance with the clog will be both recreational and educational. We do this by d.m.v. film material, walking on the clog experience path (on clogs!), various games and workshops. These are processed in the various packages.

The name Gelrica

“The name comes from the poplar of the same name, originated around 1850 in a forest between Lochem and Boraculo.It is a real Achterhoeks copy.
In the 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century, these poplars grew here in this region.
Many pairs of clogs have been made from this poplar variety. Now there are not many copies of this tree. “